The Unity Book Project


The Unity Project
One Voice, One World, One Art

The Unity Book Project is a project with the aim to express the feeling of unity thought the eyes and works of artisans.

What does one voice, one world, one art mean to you. How would you celebrate life? What does unity really mean to you.

We are asking artisans to express what it means to them whether in a poem, a story, a drawing, a photograph, music or a painting.

We will compile the works into a book. Which will be sold at an and multimedia performance event. The proceeds of the sale of the book will be split among participating artisans. The Unity Book Project is one of The Art Of Monteque Art Projects.

To  submit to the Unity Book Project please include the following in your submission:

1. Artist Statement

2. A Brief Biography

3. Why you would like to be a part of the Unity Book Project

4. Four samples of your work poetry, short stories, music, paintings, illustrationsdrawings, sketches, photographs or  sculpture. If submitting samples of images of paintings, illustrations, drawings sketches, photographs or sculpture; please make sure they are submitted in JPEG format.

Include the confirmation number in your submission after you have paid the $45 submission fee. You may use The Art Of Monteque Art Projects Submission Fee Button below. Please submit your submission at


The Art Of Monteque Art Project Submission Fee

The Art Of Monteque Art Projects Submission Fee Button


The Deadline  to submit for the Unity Book Project is February 27, 2019. Selection notification will go out April 5, 2019.

For information on how to submit to  The Art Of Monteque Art Projects go here.

We looks forward to your submission and working with you.

The Art Of Monteque thanks you for your time and your submission.



The Art Of Monteque


2 thoughts on “The Unity Book Project

  1. Hi I’m a multidisciplinary Spanish artist about to start an art project related to creativity as a tool for personal development and human values, I liked being with this project and would love to participate. But I don’t see any email contact, or more information. Can you tell me how to enter? Thank you.


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