The Official Products Of The Art Of Monteque

The Art Of Monteque has always sought out unique and different Artist which they could promote and support. In return there have been organizations that have shared The Art Of Monteque’s vision in wanting to help the artist community and make a difference. The Art Of Monteque is proud to introduce our partners that not only believes in The Art Of Monteque’s mission but also support what we do.   The following organizations have products that that will allow The Art Of Monteque to receive 10 to 20% if the sales their products. Would you buy from these organizations you are not only buying high-quality items and products you’re also helping The Art Of Monteque achieve its goal in supporting the artist community. These are the official products of The Art Of Monteque!


From Third Wolf Designs


Illuminate symbol


Third Wolf Designs has designed a line of clothing for The Art Of Monteque named Illuminate. The Art of Monteque  will  receive 10% of all sales when you use the code (artofmonteque).   The Art Of Monteque’s  Illluminate  clothing line also includes the following:


The unisex/men’s tees are $38
Women’s poncho cut $44
Women’s Bamboo Yoga Tank $36
Hoodies $82
Sweatpants $68
Hats $25

Illuminate Women’s Bamboo Yoga Tank
Hand-painted individually onto every shirt. Original wearable art.

Illuminate Bamboo Men’s Tee
The designs are hand painted individually onto each shirt. The paint will show up differently for every product made, promising a unique one of a kind shirt for you.











Third Wolf Designs is a clothing brand by Artist Alexa Varano, based in Denver, Colorado . They sell Hand-painted designs filled with symbology, healing, and depth. Sustainable and ethically made materials. Allowing one to embrace the authenticity of who they are. Every product that Third Wolf Designs sells is individually hand-painted with a brush, every product is a unique individually work of art. Third Wolf Designs is an environmentally responsible and sustainable company.