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LA40 – Entertainment & the new world of social media (Episode 84) May 10, 2019

LA40 – “How to manage the new world of social media and entertainment” – Is anyone effectively managing this new world of social media and entertainment? And if they are, want to know their secret? On today’s show, host Katerina Cozias sits down with Brian Sebastian, TV host of Movie Reviews & More to chat about the reality of entertaining, and being entertained in this new social digital world we all live in. Tune in and learn how to effectively navigate all things media!


Terri Marie talks to Sports Agent Leigh Steinberg for Movie Reviews and More December 24, 2018

Terri Marie talks one on one with the legendary Leigh Steinberg. He discusses his latest project, Sportamix, and how it has revolutionized networking within the sports industry.

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Movie Reviews and More at the Yardbird September 26, 2018

Speaking with Montique Pope-Le Beau. on our events and things coming up.


Movie Reviews and More on WBTVN
Feb 6th 2018 Show #31

Co-Host Zorianna Kit talks about her trip to VIROA and what she liked about VIROA Treatments. Kara Moncrief talks about her clinical training and being on the road and educating the public on the benefits of using VIROA. Misty Tripoli came in from Mexico and she’s all about The Body Groove Movement, dancing and owning your body image.

Movie Reviews and More on WBTVN
Feb 6th 2018 Show #1

This Interview hosted by Brian Sebastian, Co-Hosting Terri Marie, and Gwen Wunderlich, Guest Appearance Alexa Varano inspiring women through her clothing line “Third Wolf Designs” on The Women’s Broadcast TV Network.

Sex Education with Dr. Nancy Sutton Pierce, was fun and she taught us new things. We talked back in the day with Mike Szymanski on things we used to do, and Mike teaching at UCLA. Zorianna talks about the great things Sea Shepherd is doing lately.

Jan 16th 2018 Show #28

The girls loved the show, and I was happy to join in. Victoria M. Howard came all the way from Florida to talk about her book “Dancing For Dollars” owning horses and her life. Flora Sofia talks about how she came to America and got into modeling and acting. Susan Post, talks Volleyball and Provincial Vodka, Cat Lopez TV chimes in on her life and Columbia.

Jan 9th 2018 Show #27

Edie Hand, Shea Vaughn, Weekly Chris, Victoria plummer, and my Co-Host Zorianna Kit. What a show with growing up in the south, with building a new Women’s network, being a Social Media icon, good singing and a great Co-Host! I was honored to be on the show.

Jan 2nd 2018 Show #26

It was good to see Nikki Leigh jump on a plane from Miami and come on the show! David Cain CEO of America’s Healthy Kids, talks about helping kids fight obesity. Lamonte Goode glided in and talks about standing on one hand, his head and over a cliff on one hand. Brett talks about Celsius and what’s new with them and her new workout schedule.


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