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The Dreamweaver Artist Ranch

Where Artistic Dreams Meet The Stars

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The Dreamweaver Artist Ranch is a place of peace and quite. It is more than the hideaway, it is a place of privacy and renewal as well as a place to offer community, art and nature that will foster artistic, spiritual, healthy pursuits along with recreational activity while preserving the naturally beautiful and unique environment. The Dreamweaver Artist Ranch creates a state where one can breathe again and reestablish connections, with nature, spirit, community and craft. The Dreamweaver Artist Ranch is a place where dreams are woven together and transcend the limitation of one’s beliefs.

The Ranch

The Dreamweaver Artist Ranch Is Where Creativity Is Not Only Nurture, But Inspired

The Dreamweaver Artist Ranch nurtures the creative and entrepreneurial spirit of individual artists . Residents and participants in Dreamweaver Artist Ranch’s programs and services are encouraged to live and create sustainably. Within The Dreamweaver Artist Ranch, no resources is to be consumed faster than they naturally replenish themselves. The enclosed system can continue indefnitely without degradation of its internal resource base or the standard of living of the people.

With a need to develop personal creativity and to discover, learn and grow The Dreamweaver Artist Ranch allows artists to explore new ideas, hone their artistic craft, develop advanced artistic skills and engage in meaningful dialogue. Just as reconnecting to natural systems encourages harmony and balance with nature, tapping into the natural innate creativity reawakens us to our relationships with each other and with the environment that sustains and inspires us. In this way, creative expression encourages personal and cultural resilience and can help to build a transition to a healthy culture and economy.

The core principles of The Dreamweaver Artist Ranch are:

  • Providing a nurturing safe environment.
  • Environmentally Sustainable
  • Net Zero
  • Creating Community
  • Promoting equality and unity
  • Having a zero tolerance To racism, Discrimination, Harassment and bulling
  • The value of giving more than you take through the art that is created.
  • Small lab sizes allowing for personal attention in all avenues of the arts.
  • Artists studio and guidance to encourage unbridled creativity.The Dreamweaver Artist Ranch is a safe and sustainable oasis for all of its variety and diversity. It would it is a sanctuary created and sustained by artisans for healing, environmental stewardship, creative transformation, and spiritual growth.Inspired by nature, where diversity and creativity is a key indicator of the health of an ecosystem, we seek to assist individuals in reconnecting their connection to nature, spirit, creativity, learning and the community. Restoration and stewardship of biological, environmental, artistic and cultural diversity is a natural outcome of this reconnection.The Goals Of The Dreamweaver Artist Ranch
  • Creating an environment that inspires the expiration and expression of knowledge, creativity
  • For The Dreamweaver Artist Ranch to be a place of welcome for individuals of all ages, race, sexual orientation, gender, cultural, religion and economic backgrounds.
  • Helping to facilitate the expression of love and understanding through the integration of mind, body and spirit.
  •  Allowing The Dreamweaver Artist Ranch to provide an environment for reconnecting with nature, with spirit, craft and the community.

  • A environmentally Sustainable Net Zero Cultural Community

Creativity, imagination, inspiration, and beauty are integral parts of the human experiences and relationships, but they are often just regarded as trivial pursuits. Art is a process and approach that engages the whole being allowing one to find the path to knowing that we are part of nature, and aspire to come into whole relationship with our place in the world. For these reasons, we embrace life and the environment as a whole system where life is an integration of science, art, creativity, spirituality, and emotion. It is an essential part of healing and restoring the spirit to reunite nature with art. Gaining knowledge with reverence, beauty with respect, and observation with awe. Helping people to apply themselves so their work is elevated to an breathtaking art form.

We are committed to The Dreamweaver Artist Ranch as a way to care for the land. This is a showcase with a look into the future of what is possible with sustainability. Only 31 acres is to be developed leaving the large majority of the land to become an ecological sanctuary. Construction and operation of The Dreamweaver Artist Ranch is done with the utmost respect for the environment. Using the best and current environmental practices such as carbon farming, straw bale construction, solar and wind energy, creating a independent waste plant, and water conservation practices. The Dreamweaver Artist Ranch holistically and sustainability gives back more than it takes.

The Land

The land would be in idyllic Northern California where we could create a hidden retreat that absolutely defies the imagination and defines the very best of authentic, rustic ranch lifestyle.

The Development

The Dreamweaver Artist Ranch is a 50,000 ft.2 development on 31 acres which consist of

  • The Dreamweaver main buildings on 10 acres
  • Outdoor semicircle amphitheater theater with tiered 250 seating capacity
  • The Dreamweaver Artist Mountain Lodge
  • The Work and Artist Studio
  • The Dreamweaver farm on 10 acres
  • The Dreamweaver Trees and Gardeners of Remembrance on 6 acres

This is a pristine breathtaking property which can create a path for a better environment where the mind, body, and spirit can be transformed. It is a place to bring together scholars, entrepreneurs, and artist through knowledge growth and community in a nurturing environmentally sustainable landscape.

If you would like to be involved in the development of  The Dreamweaver Artist Ranch please consider donating to help make it happen by using the button below.

The Dreamweaver Artist Ranch Donation Button

If you would like more ways to help, here a few other ways

1.Talk to everyone that you know about The Dreamweaver Artist Ranch  and what we’re trying to achieve.

2. Post the details of  The Dreamweaver Artist Ranch to your Facebook wall, Twitter and Instagram, Youtube and LinkedIn. Wherever you have a social media presence please use that platform to get the word out about the Dreamweaver Artist Ranch.

3. Use the hashtags #DreamweaverArtistRanch

4. Like and Follow us on Facebook and/or Twitter!

5. Share the details about the  Dreamweaver Artist Ranch and the links to it on your website or blog,

(Our Website: https://theartofmonteque.com/ )

6. Volunteer! Contact The Art Of Monteque Organization for current service opportunities.

7. Give non cash donations, sponsorship, in-kind donations or matching gifts.

This is a grassroots effort and by working together we can move mountains and make this possible

Thank You for your time and support.

We look forward to seeing you at Dreamweaver Artist Ranch!

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