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Movie Reviews and More  along with The Art Of Monteque are an engaging blend of insightful entertainment industry analysis, social issues discussions with an offbeat mix of humor and cultural interest while continuing to attract the most recognizable names in the cultural and entertainment worlds.

Movie Reviews and More  and The Art Of Monteque understands the new business and media climate, we’ve created a custom marketing system purpose-built to help organizations and individuals connect their brand with their target consumers and audiences. At Movie Reviews and More The Art Of Monteque we help brands build loyalty, authenticity, and love by advertising at the intersection of creativity and accountability. Creating shareable content with the unique combination of internet broadcast, interactive social media; along with entertainment and social events. Creating a platform which showcase art, culinary art, entertainment, film, fashion and sports industries takes an nontraditional approach. Which includes expanding client databases, enhancing brand recognition and offering new networking opportunities.As the global incomes of women which is predicted to reach a staggering $18 trillion by 2018; along with women making the overwhelming majority of buying decisions for themselves and their families and with 30 million streaming video subscribers on multi platforms with a demographic female age of 25 to 60 years of age, plus 2.5 trillion dollars earning potential makes Movie Reviews and More a strategic marketing opportunity.

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