In the course of our work, we have often heard people say that, due to the economic times, it’s become hard for artists to make a living or to find funding, because the money needed has been limited to other areas and artistic support has been cut drastically. This is hard to hear, knowing how important the arts are to the community, for the arts have the power to create a sustainable, local economy which can create jobs and improve the quality of community life. We as a society are at a critical juncture; as more and more artistic funding becomes unavailable, causing increasing pressure on artists, we feel this issue can no longer be ignored.

M. Elizabeth Pope, who was an artist and the inspiration for The Art Of Monteque Organization, believed in the power of the arts. She strongly believed that, “When artist come together as a collective, anything is possible! The arts have the power to change lives, change communities, change societies and build a brighter future for the next generation.”

The Art Of Monteque Organization believes helping artist should be an important priority to the health of any community and the education of our children. In some cases, it is the arts alone that have turned around the economic health of a community. From artist  come some of our best ideas to move forward, yet there is only limited support available to them, which is why The Art Of Monteque Organization was created, so artist can secure support for their work and give them a place to belong while addressing their most urgent needs. The Art Of Monteque Organization  is part of the movement to encourage a sustainable economy at the grassroots level while at the same time preserving and promoting the arts by making resources readily available.

As an individual, it can be hard to find help or a place to develop, produce, publish, or display one’s work. The Art Of Monteque Organization is a place where all people of the arts can come together as a collective. It’s an organization willing to help artist do what they do best: create great works of art. The Art Of Monteque Organization is an independent cultural arts organization which believes there is more power in numbers than in one person standing alone.

The Art Of Monteque Organization is an emerging arts organization which is not interested in creating profits, but in becoming a benefit to the community while making the arts more accessible to individuals. Sometimes the difference between a good creative life and a life of unending chaos is for someone or an organization to show that there is a better way. We want to be one of the solutions to the many problems our society face today; by using the most powerful tool that we have. The power of the arts is truly amazing in that they have the power to change people’s lives and make their community a better place to live. This program is about making the lives of people in the community better, but more importantly it is about creating a better future for the generations to come. To do this we are:

  • Creating programs for at risk, underprivileged, and LGBTQ youth along with experienced citizens.
  • Developing and creating The Dreamweaver Artist Ranch.
  • Creating community events, performances, workshops, lectures, and festivals.
  • Supporting artists from around the world and there work.
  • Supporting and showcasing the arts in all its forms.
  • Supporting  and nurturing journalism among the youth.

At The Art Of Monteque Organization, one does not have to stand alone!

Please join us in supporting great artist and the arts!

It should be noted that The Art Of Monteque Organization is a non profit organization, which is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization. Contributions for the charitable purposes of The Art Of Monteque Organization  must be made payable to Fractured Atlas only and are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

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