Our Motto: Ars Est Vita or Art is Life and Life is Art


Art is a tool to touch the heart. When you touch the heart, you create change. It is the creative spirit which beats in all hearts. At times, its ideas seem crazy and impossible. It often goes against the grain. To a closed mind, art is incomprehensible. Its significance in society is often taken for granted, vilified or misunderstood. It is a rebel which society can’t ignore, control, belittle, destroy or shame, because it reflects the true realities of life, drowning out the social dogma and inventing the dreams of tomorrow. It is a troublemaker, a warrior, a trailblazer, a teacher and it enlightens. Without an agenda, it has limitless courage and perseverance to move mountains. It has the power to show us how to look at life -and people- in a different way. It does not follow the rules of society or the status-quo. Its voice always has and always will speak to soul. Whatever society’s opinion about art is, one thing will always be certain: art is a truth-sayer which will never change. Art is the driving force which inspires us to imagine, create, explore, change, breath and love. We are all artisans and art is the creativity which connects us.

This is  our motto,  “Ars Est Vita, or Art is Life and Life is Art”