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“I create complex pieces which looks at the world in a different light. I believe art can profoundly affect those who experience it. As an observer of life, I find artistic expression is a position of power and has the potential to influence change. As an artist, it is a responsibility I do not take lightly. My work is created to stimulate social dialogue, while causing society to question old and/or long standing beliefs and mindsets.” Monteque Pope- Le Beau



Inspired by my mother’s artwork and brilliant storytelling, I became an abstract expressionist and storyteller. My mother introduced me to one of my first loves, the beauty of the natural world. Traveling with my mother allowed me to meet new people and to observe the world through their eyes, which in turn brought me to another one of my loves, the study of human nature. As I studied history, art and architecture, I soon realized I wanted something more meaningful in my life. I returned to my first love of art and writing. Later I became the creative partner to my mother until her passing. I like working outside the system, for I believe in independence and am an environmentalist and activist. I live and work in Los Angeles and San Francisco. If you would like to read more about Monteque’s story go here.

Artist statement:

There are no boundaries between my art and my writing, which is raw and edgy. I create in a way which is unique, where the expression of my art gives way to color, and color gives way to words. My work looks at the dark side of humanity and deals with the subject of broken spirits. Each work I create is a study of how or why a person became who they are. It also looks at what brought them to that point in their life. The stories of the human condition are not finite. They are often much more complex and complicated than one might think. I find that the answers to the questions are not so cut-and-dry; most people exist in that gray, middle region of life, and it is in the gray shadows where I explore the complexities of darkness and light, which exist in all of us. The subject of light and darkness is a constant in my work, because I am fascinated and intrigued how it influences people.

Artist mission:

Art is a catalyst for what is required to live in a world with the goal of advancing mankind, improving the environment and creating a better way of life. It is at the center of the evolution of culture and society. As an artist, I feel it is my responsibility to create art that can make a difference. It is my goal, whether the work has to do with the environment, political, or social issues, that it will cause a ripple effect that will contribute to others and benefit society as a whole. I am honored to be an artist and  to do what I love.

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