The State Of The World

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By Joanna Panayi

We are built with a reliance.
It is in our bones
We act in our nature.
We learn in our nurture.
To fight for our thrones.
We conquer the planet.
Yet, they do not get it.
They continue to thread it.
As we continue to spread it
We need to work together.
Do not speak if you do not act.
Do not act if you cannot speak.
These are our lives
Not only yours
Your intolerance is irresponsible.
People are dying
Lying to the vulnerable
As they lay on their death beds
Longing for their loved ones
Longing to be healthy
For now
We must stay apart
To be together
We must fight in isolation.
To be responsible
Your frivolous needs do not matter now.
When people are wasting away
Because you do not know how
To follow the rules
Eventually, we will all be in happiness.
These are our lives
Not only yours

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