Banksy Bastardization Generic Grafitti

By Stephan Pisko

“Banksy” is a scavenger surrealist that is extremely damaging to authentically genuine struggling artists’ this innate individual is a “monetary maniac” forcing the public with the distinct impression of a “humanitarian caring heart” but this is furthest from the treacherous truth this person is taking advantage of this virus “human health turmoil” using it for selfish savage notoriety gain initializing mass market recognition for this mind’s “public graffiti defacing”.

With a name like “banksy” what do you think? This mentality does not in the slightest think about the creativity instead is an “obsessive freak” mongol bastardizing all artists’ if this individual was commissioned to create public grafitti then that would be an honest viable story an artist working for a “public purpose” the creation of an artistic statement made visible in public presence.

On the contrary whatever this entity thinks it’s doing it is “defacing public property” for whatever self-centered reason it obviously cannot be in the name of anything called: “artistic creativity” but this individual understands the psychological parameters’ of thinking the more “recognition exposure” is attained the greater the notoriety shoving painted visuals’ in mass populace faces’.

This mentality should be fined heavily every time it defaces public property take it out of it’s “recognition notoriety” it receives.

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