Go Getting Success Show – Fantasy Island


By Stephan Pisko

If you have ever watched “Fantasy Island” TV series from the late 70’s early 80’s then you definitely understand this ‘go getting success show’ when the first thing Mr. Rork exclaims with jubilation when the weather beaten ‘success stories’ come filing off that float plane – oh right – the bell resounds by the little midget in an all white suit of ‘wedding weasels’ – “Smiles ! Smiles !” to the crew: “Welcome to Fantasy Island !” This is the complete definition of ‘do the most – make the most’ mirage everyone thinks that this ‘smile simulation’ is a positive affirmation that all is well I’m doing it baby getting ahead even though I feel like a ‘negative negation’ ready to explode on somebody any second the ‘gilded guests’ are coming from a ‘fiction fantasy’ to a ‘psychological fantasy’ Mr Rork is the head psych nurse with his puny branding element ‘Tattoo’ then of course the location for all of this institutionalized head shop is an island we couldn’t like have it located in Brooklyn (or) Montana ? It must be a male dominated time & space where it’s tropical tan female beauties running around bolstering male egos and all of these ‘success stories’ are paying a huge monetary fee to transform their psychological fantasies into ‘instant enlightenment’.

This entire existence functions upon concepts, ideas and reproductive thought patterns if you don’t like the ‘idea of you’ then you might choose “Fantasy Island” at least you can be totally insecure there wasting brain waves through thought cycles that have been custom reproduced just for you. Everything must be questioned especially the question start thinking so that the ‘Mr. Rork’ in you doesn’t take charge of you’re ‘psycho shower scene’ just because that nano branding element bellows: ‘the plane ! – the plane !’ – ding ding – that doesn’t mean you have to be one of the ‘psychological passengers’ aboard it.

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