Human Laboratory Rats

By Stephan Pisko,

Think of this globe as 7.6 billion human laboratory rats’ experimenting expeditiously with hormone altering – mood messing – pain protruding illegal pharma substances’ made mainstream legal unknowingly realizing the horrific side effects’ of any of these crusted conglomerates’ for this is how the healthcare system is setup for you today initiating world planetary unrest just up the dose for mass rat frenzy the “earth ball” is a huge “Willard Movie”!

Probably 80% possibly more of this rat regime do not use their brains’ in a “solo mode” without pharma enhancement virtues’ which also mean we are most logically missing time and space convexing opportunities’ which means our energy is being thrown off balance by this artificial articulation which means we are not thinking rationally some of this anti-anxiety medication are increasing the risks of developing Alzheimer’s as well.

So in essence we are slowly killing off the 7.6 billion human rat population and at the same rat rate changing the ‘ratty’ human being into something more controllable like as in the pressing of a button (or) the ringing of a bell.

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