The Dreamweaver Village Lottery

The Dreamweaver Village is an artistic tiny house community village designed to create affordable housing for individual artists and couples. Is a part of the Dreamweaver Artists Ranch. The Dreamweaver Village creates an housing opportunity where individuals have a safe and stable cost effective sustainable future while becoming a part of a community. Dreamweaver village model provides a permanent, accessible environmentally sustainable place to work and call home.

The Dreamweaver Village is apart of The Dreamweaver Artist Ranch which is a place of peace and quite. It is more than the hideaway, it is a place of privacy and renewal as well as a place to offer community, art and nature that will foster artistic, spiritual, healthy pursuits along with recreational activity while preserving the naturally beautiful and unique environment. We seek to create a state where one can breathe again and reestablish connections, with nature, spirit, community and craft. The Dreamweaver Artist Ranch is a place where dreams are woven together and transcend the limitation of one’s beliefs.

The Dreamweaver Village is a tiny house community village consisting of 55 individual tiny houses on 5 acres. The tiny houses are made out of straw bale construction. It is an environmentally sustainable net zero community. Consisting of a Community Lodge, Work and Artist Studio, edible and decorative gardens and outside gathering area along with pathways and walkways.

Will have 20 individual tiny houses of veritable sizes available for lease. There will be an tiny houses lottery For those who are interested in leasing in the Dreamweaver tiny House Village.

There is $100 tiny house lottery fee. When you pay the fee you would keep the reference number which will be entered into the lottery.

If you were interested in applying for the Dreamweaver Tiny House Village lottery please include the following:

  1. The $100.00 The Dreamweaver Tiny House Village Lottery free.

  1. A essay detailing why you would want to be a part of the Dreamweaver tiny House Village and what it would mean to you if you were picked.

  1. Please also state if this is for individual or couple

  1. Include your email and phone number where you can be reached.

  1. Please include Dreamweaver tiny House Village lottery reference number

The Button to Tiny House Village Lottery fee is below:

Tiny House Village Lottery Fee Button

For more information contact