How About A Conversation About Energy Cleansing


By: Jannie Vaught

Smudging , Clearing negative energy

Limpias are some of the names this is called. But the intention is all the same. Clear the stuffy negative feeling out to the great beyond so it can compost. Yes all of the energy’s have a cycle in nature. When I am in my garden I never feel the need to clear this space. Well the truth is growing nature is always clearing . It is when to much human in too small a place becomes congested and energy sticky. One of the first things I learned from my Granny was to open a window or door and “Let the stink out!” Then came the incense lighting, that was nice but the energy was still stagnant. So the White Willow smudge came out and a feather or even a newspaper to whisk out the energy’s with the smoke. That worked great. When I was on the Pyramid in Mexico City for Spring Ceremony they do Limpias. Another energy clearing. I stood inline as a curandera took a bundle of pepper tree limbs and brushed me and patted me and then she broke them and placed them on the ground and I stepped over them. Now that really felt good! It was like all the colors came to a new vibrancy. Plant cleansing are performed by sweeping the body head to foot with a herb sprig, branch or bundle. Especial in these extreme times, when so many people are anxious, dirty energy from the world can simply clog your whole system. This is simple maintenance for our Body, Mind and Spirit. So if you are feeling a little yuck maybe a good pat down with some fresh Basil and a quick wash of hands and face can set you right again. Clean yourself your room, your home, your office, your car and let’s get clear of the haze. Life is vibrant and needs to be lived fully to our best ability.  After clearing of yourself or a space, simply sweep it out side. Sometimes in Mexico the bundles are left at crossroad, an excellent place to release negative energy. What ever works for you do it. We need all our best energy’s of Life and Support available.

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