Just A Reminder


By: Jannie Vaught

The weather is great for gardening now.

Warm day’s with cool nights and possible rain! It can’t get any better.

Outside the neighborhood was out digging and mowing and planting.

Then the reminder came in that I gave myself last year at this time.

Don’t plant to soon!

Last year the excitement of spring and growing got me planting to early and Yes I had to re-plant. When you see the 6 pack veggie packs at the entry of the grocery store and the garden urge has you in it’s grip!


Yes, you can purchase those tomato seedlings. But keep them inside under a light for a little while more. They will keep healthy and grow and when April peeks through the door you will be ready to happily plant all you want. Go to your plant guide we are 8a. and see what can go in now. Some guides say peppers are ok now, but a little longer will be better. As the sun come’s up brighter each morning you know you will soon be deep into the garden.

A few articles ago I wrote on the kitchen and canning garden and right now is when all that considering comes to light.

What do I need to grow?

How much and what do we eat most as a family?

Always Tomatoes, but green beans cucumbers for pickles and herbs to season are all important also. This year I am making a big effort to have a small garden right off the kitchen. 2 tomatoes plants, a pepper banana wax, dill, basil and onions. Then when I am in the kitchen and I need something right now I can take 25 steps or so and have what I need. And this is such a lovely garden with the fruit and flowers all together. The hummingbirds and butterfly’s are visiting also. So learning from last year, I am pulling on the rein’s and slowing down. Just a  reminder we still have rain showers coming our way and if you haven’t got rain water collection in, even a barrel under the drain spout will insure you have water to finish your growing garden in late July and August.

Growing green With  Jannie