Planting In Spring For Fall

Fallen Leaves  (Massachusetts; Oct 2003)

By: Jannie Vaught

Gardening is always 2 seasons ahead.

We need to think 2 seasons ahead to be in a natural flow of plants and their seasons.

Lets think about perennial wildflowers. These can thrive in a broad range of environments. Some of these will bloom the first year. all others will root and develop over a year with blooms the next year. Here are some of our natives . Greenthread, Foxglove, Lanceleaf Coreopsis, Gayfeather, Purple Praire Clover, Standing Cypress, Butterfly Weed, Cutleaf Daisy, Missouri Primrose, Winecup, Bush Sunflower, Scarlet Sage, Swamp Milkweed, Common Milkweed, Pitcher Sage, Showy Milkweed. Often these are sold in Plant in Spring for Fall Mix. Native American Seed in Junction Texas has this mix from large amounts to smaller packages.

This is just another way to keep our natives thriving along with all the Birds and Butterfly’s all fed and happy. The home gardener and small farmer is vastly important in bringing this native diversity back to the land. We are the Eco Logical Solution to the greater picture. The more native and wild grasses we have the better our soil can absorb rain. These plants grow here so lets be mindful of when we place the shovel in the ground that we are helping our land and not making it harder for the many creatures that depend on it.

In the garden this weekend I shoveled and dug my Three Sisters Garden and even got some corn in. This year it is a white dent corn from an organic grower in New Mexico. Originally from Mexico for tortillas. The Beans will be Rattle snake pole beans and the squash will be Lokota winter squash. The rest of the garden and all the fruit trees were due for a feed. so they got a nice dose of minerals Azomite. And of course the weeding and weekly mowing . I write this down on my garden blackboard so I can remember the dates to feed. Finding value in small things is a thing of dependable comfort in our overcharged busy world. Take time to study and learn, time to dig and plant and time to relax. All together we are able to have a slower and if we prepare correct less work when we give nature what she needs and sometimes get out of the way.

Lets not forget native grasses. This once grand Prairie still holds onto the native seeds and still produces. The official ” State Grass of Texas’ is Sideoats Grama. This mid size plant is often found as an ornamental accent in residential and commercial landscapes. Has lovely oat-like seeds that appear along one side of it’s stems. I have planned my yard and garden in many ways the front has big old shade trees so in there over the last 4 years I have planted native seeds, some berry’s and 5 large rain gardens. The back is planted with native fruit trees, grapes and separated with wattle fences are the gardens. This all works as a continuous flow of many diverse environments.

I hope your thinking of what to plant for fall, but keeping busy here and now in this amazing Blue Bonnet filled spring!

Growing Green With  Jannie