Planting The Seeds Of Gratitude



By: Jannie Vaught

The Blue Bonnets are crazy pretty this spring and all the wild flowers are showing. When the Indian Blanket’s start blooming then the diverse colors of nature really bring the full pallet of color, texture and intensity. A few ago weekend was full of digging, planting and mending. And my muscles were telling me all about it. ouch! But this is the time of year gardeners wait and dream about.

So out went the old mustard greens, Collards and turnups. And after the raised bed soil was picked clean of weeds and grass, amended with compost the fun started. I am needing to can tomatoes this year so in went Roma, Celebrity, Lemon Boy and  Early Girl tomatoes, also Sugar Snap peas and veining peas. Dug plots for okra to be planted in 2 weeks and started planning my Three Sisters Garden. Traditional Cherokee garden of Corn, Beans and Squash.

I will cover this next week. And as I stood back and admired the fresh planted starts I said my prayers of gratitude and asked that they grow to their full potential. This was also the time we celebrated two birthdays in my family my son Dakota and my Grandson Jonny. And as I repeated this garden prayer I remember saying the same prayer over these two with Gratitude in their becoming good men. So it goes many ways, it is all about tending the garden of our life in the plants we grow and the children we raise. Feed, water, weed and getting some sunshine; it all grows, and when the weeding comes it all goes to the compost pile. God and Nature take care of it all. As we continue to change our gardens and plant purposefully remember that Gratitude and Thankfulness are just as important as what variety you plant in the soil. It is in the days forward that we will harvest our work in our garden and more importantly in our son’s and daughters and the don’t forget those Grand baby’s!

We are truly blessed to be part of the complete job.

Beginning and end. It all counts.

Growing Green With Jannie