Nothing Should Keep One From Discovering Passionate Artists.


Artists Are The Reflection And Recorders Of What Is Happening In History And Society.



If you thought it was hard to get into Harvard then you have never dealt with The Art Of Monteque. We are looking for artists with something to say who are passionate about what they do and how they do it. While we do not have a submission fee that doesn’t mean gaining acceptance is easy. What it does mean is we are looking for the best and we understand that a submission fee can be a hardship for some. Causing those who deserve to be featured artists unable to summit. We are very selective in our consideration of artists which we feature. So if you think you have what it takes to be a part of The Art Of Monteque,  please by all means submit your work. Here at The Art Of Monteque, we do not want anything to keep us from discovering new and passionate artists.

There is however a submission fee for the Unity Book Project.  The fee will help in the development and production of the project.

Is our purpose and goal to provide help and to support Artists and Communities. While using the universal language of art to create a difference. Uniting humanity under one umbrella for the common good of future generations. Bettering the landscape of ideas and thoughts while featuring the Arts in all its forms.

Your ability and talent is an investment in yourself and your community.


The Art Of  Monteque