The Hard Earned Gains of Three Years


By Jannie Vaught

El Nino is officially here.

The ocean temperatures have risen.

Does that mean rain and storms?

And this morning is it raining a nice soft rain, all my rain barrels are full to overflow and the garden is growing. It was time to feed the onions and check the baby spinach  to make sure it is growing as it should. The new planted lettuce is up to 4 leaves and the garlic and collards are big and beautiful. This was a great fall and winter garden. We ate out of it daily and still are enjoying it’s bounty. Picked herbs for chicken noodle soup and everything survived the freeze and frost and is  especially flavorfull. That is what is really excellent about cold weather, the plants that are cold sustaiable will thrive and sweeten in flavor. The herbs in right now are flat leaf parsley, herb sage, culinary rosemary ,thyme, garlic chives , oregano. Bay leaf, bay laurel,grows great here and is excellent for soup, stews and for insect repellent in the silverware drawer.

As a happy note I did wrap my fruit trees with burlap and clothes pins this worked great. The almond tree, apricot and plumb trees were beginning to flower when the heavy ice storm rolled through and they are looking good; we will see when the fruit begins to set. Some compost tea as soon as it warms up will help them revive. The success of this garden is about 3 years of work. It has paid off and it is nice to see all the soil preparation and work is in living color. Now that the sun will be arriving soon and our days will warm it is time to think about the warm weather seeds and plants. I will plant potatoes this week and more flat of egypt beets, purple carrots and ginger.

Ginger grows good here it has a life span of about 3 years. In a prepared area plant a ginger root from the grocery. It needs to be minimum 3 inches. Or at least 3 go 4 sections. Make a nice depression and cover with 4 ” soil and wait. My first plant took a long time. But it did sprout. Looks like bamboo when it comes up. It  can be planted in a large pot or it can go in ground. It has a lovely flower and long slender leaves which can be used in tea or flavoring stock. Dig up the root and you have home grown ginger. It is a lovely border plant.

So here’s to the rain long may it flow! And this gardner is very Grateful for it!!

Growing very Green With Jannie