Garden Chores

Orange Marigolds

Orange Marigolds

By: Jannie Vaught


With another cold spell in our area many of us are just wanting to get out side and get to the needed chores. We had a few warm days and many of the lawn mowers were working late into the evening. With my muscles sore from all this hurried work there is still time for staying on task with the garden plan. And again I had a look at the planting schedule for our area. We are in the U S D A Hardiness zone 8a, and in Garden Region 2-3 for Texas. Both of these have the same schedule for planting. Go on line to Aggie Horticulture and U S D A Hardiness Zone and put in your town and state  and your planting guide will come up. Print it off and put it on the refrigerator so you can find it. This is valuable help. With that in hand you are now ready to decide what to plant now. All cole crops can go in ,beets broccoli, radish, spinach ,cabbage ,carrots, turnips, cauliflower, kohlrabi for example.  Lettuse and english peas. You can still put in onions and potatoes. Seed potatoes are at Rhode’s Feed store. They have 3 varieties for this area.  I wait for the first of march to put in potato so we get a little warmth in the soil. No garlic and it is almost too late to start tomatoes inside for starts. But you can start herbs,like dill and cilantro, squash and even lettuce for a second crop.Also get some flowers started marigolds and cosmos love the garden and help repel some insects. Also time to trim roses back 1/3 and give them a little nitrogen feed, rose food or green sand works great. They will be eager to flower this year with the rain we have had.

The weeds are high in the garlic patch so it is time to weed, weed ,weed. And the harlequin bugs have found my overgrown arugula so out it goes. As we get ready to renew the garden and plant and prepare for spring sunshine we know a cold snap is just that a snap.In a few days when my sore muscles are a little better out to the work we go and into the sun. Have you noticed the blue bonnets are starting to get some growth and the peach and plum trees are ready to set flowers. Soon we will be in full beautiful wildflowers and all the cold will be a distant memory. But for now get a hot drink and plan for tomorrow.

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