Planning Your Garden Early




By: Jannie  Vaught

It is another rainy day here in the Hill Country.

And this gardener is so thankful I could just shout! Thank You!!

The wild flowers will be absolutely wonderful this spring and the Blue Bonnets will just take your breath away.  With the rain comes all the overdue chores in my house and pantry. I went thru my canned goods, and did a little inventory of what I had and what was needed. Since I can most of my garden this helps me to decide what I need to grow.

First on the list is what do we use the most in our food preparation. Next was the glaring largest Item Tomatoes. Used almost in all our food. Juice, whole canned and sauce. From there it went to relish, chow chow and pickles. Then to jam and jelly. I also can fruit juice mostly grape so they can be made into syrup and jelly if needed. Then canned fruit, peaches and pears and hopefully this year some plums. I sat down and started planning what to grow for my canning pantry. I also dry food and so potatoes and onions, chives, garlic and mint and lots of basil came into the list This is really the garden to plate idea! Laying out the garden, looking at the list and planning what to plant and where to plant filled another rainy day. In this way of planning I get the plants I need, the seed needed and time to ponder on a few other new plants I want to try.

This year I am going for the Roma tomatoes, Mortgage Buster, Red potatoes, pickling cucumbers and some dill weed.  Also some Jalapeno,  bell peppers, 1015 onions, zucchini and patty pan squash. Peas and of course lettuce. now I am starting to get the garden full. The peaches I get at u-pick the pears come from the neighbors tree and maybe I can get some mustang grapes also. Hope the apples are good this year. With all this rain water stored and the ground good and wet it looks to be a great gardening spring and summer. Now to look at those new seed catalogs. and study on how to prune my pear tree. Hope your early garden planning is exciting as mine.

Growing green and planning ahead with Jannie