Sundance 15: A Power Keg Of Diverse Talent

Day One

By: Monteque Pope-Le Beau

  Storytellers broaden our minds: engaging, provoking, inspiring and ultimately connecting us.
  Robert Redford, President and Founder
There was  a deep chill in the air as people trickle into Park City. Some of them were local and some had traveled far and wide to attend the 2015 Sundance film Festival. There was an anticipation in the air which  everyone was captured by. Wondering who they will catch a glimpse of, what new stories would they see, and what new experience would they have?
This is the first day of the Sundance film Festival and it’s going off with a bang!
This is a transitional year for the Sundance Film Festival which is going completely online. Also this year Park City and Salt Lake City will join as one under the Sundance Film Festival for the first time.
There is a soul of Sundance. It is an incredible spirit of creativity and of community.
Robert Redford, President and Founder
Change is certainly in the air and yet it is still a place for filmmakers storytellers and independent thinkers.  It is still a safe haven nestled in the wondrous surroundings of Park City. Nurturing the independent spirit and cultivating  creative stores and ideas.


Here is the day one press confernce.

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