Ode to A California Mother: Universal Mother, Loving Unconditionally

A Mother's Love

A Mother’s Love

By: Vernon Nickerson


Every child in every age must have the love of a mother
Every mother in every age is created to Glorify God by loving every child
Only a few will ever fully embrace and surrender to God’s Creative Plan for Mothers
Their calling and election sure from the beginning, they will be called to every child in every age
Their life force will be inextricably intertwined with Creation.

One of these amazing women came to Earth on the day humans named January 13th
The Latin Root for January symbolizes beginnings and endings.
Truly, a part of the life journey of those brought to this planet in that month is inextricably intertwined with beginnings and endings in unimaginable ways.

When we met and became friends, I said Eureka! And of course named her “My California Mom”. I believe Eureka is also what some wag said when they “discovered” California.

She was called into being as Joyce Mae and was assigned her first last name by virtue of whomever was responsible for her ancestor’s well being after they were brought to the North American continent ( most likely against their will) to a mostly hostile environment.

And God said, “It is Good that It is Very So.”

She would, after being loved like the Velveteen Rabbit, name herself “joybels”.
And God said, “It is Good that It is Very So.”


She would be provided a helpmate for a long season of her journey and her second last name for the rest of her life.
Although I never really knew the helpmate, I was honored to get to know and love two of her biological children.  I knew both of them as they grew into bright, kind, and caring young men. Her daughter blossomed into a loving mother and wife in her own right.

Full disclosure: I proudly embrace my bias towards Joyce’s younger son because he was also a student of mine and honestly, I’ve never had a student that was less than awesome and brilliant! Like me, he was also called “different” and sometimes treated differently because of some humans limited perceptions, so he and I bonded quickly. Thanks for sharing, Joyce!

Her unconditional love, faith and courage would be tested in a white-hot crucible that I can only imagine and never fully understand in which she would walk with each of Gift from God through the Valley of The Shadow of Death, Fearing No Evil because the very cells of her being were God/Love/Universe with Her.  She has earned the Title: God’s Heroine. Joyce, you will always be my hero!


Today January 13, 2015

We live in a time when because we have not ended poverty and disease, because we can’t seem to stop killing each other, gossiping about each other, and generally treating each other much worse than we would ever want to be treated, too many children are growing up never knowing a Universal Mother, Loving Unconditionally. It is in Response to these conditions that the Universe has called Joyce Mae and all Universal Mothers, Loving Unconditionally.  And so This Day in the Year of Our Lord, January Thirteenth, Two thousand and fifteen, we celebrate Your Life and the honor and privilege of knowing you–
Unconditional Mother, Loving Unconditionally


And God Said: “It is VERY GOOD that it is VERY SO!
Happy Birthday, Joyce Mae!
And so it is!
Let the Church Say Amen
Let the Church Say Amen
God Has Spoken!
Let the Church Say Amen!