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A conversation & presentation of 51 Short Films


(Hollywood, CA) – The Black Hollywood Education and Resource Center (BHERC) hosts its 21st Annual African American Film Marketplace and S.E. Manly Short Film Showcase January 16-18, 2015 at Raleigh Studios, 5300 Melrose Avenue, Hollywood, California 90038 presenting 51 short films, youth films and animated shorts, with over 45 Filmmakers from all over the country, Q&A after selected blocks of films, an evening with famed director Michael Schultz and special surprise guest Filmmakers.  It is a great year for African American Filmmakers, creating spectacular films which will leave an impact on the world, and each filmmaker began their career by creating a short film and circulating in the Film Festival world.  Join us for an inspiring evening of storytelling through film.

On Friday, January 16, 2015 at 7:30 p.m. at our Opening Night Reception BHERC will host a conversation with legendary director Michael Schultz as it presents the best BHERC independent short filmmakers of 2014.  BHERC is honored to present a Filmmaker’s Dialogue with Award Winning Director, Michael Schultz, an alumni of Princeton University, the Negro Ensemble Company, and an inductee into the Black Filmmakers Hall of Fame, best known for his direction of Cooley High, Car Wash and Which Way Is Up (Richard Pryor) and most recently Woman Thou Art Loosed.  Some of his episodic television direction includeS Arrow, Single Ladies and Black-ish to name a few.


On Saturday, January 17, 2015 at 10:00 a.m. to noon, founder, Sandra Evers-Manly is delighted to present the Annual Youth Diversity Film Festival showcasing the talents of young aspiring filmmakers who currently attend Washington Prep High School.  This portion of the Festival is Free to the Public for supporting our youth.

On Saturday, January 17 and Sunday, January 18, 2015 from 12:30 noon until 8:00 p.m.each day, the S.E. Manly Short Film Showcase will feature the artistry of emerging African American Filmmakers by screening short films.  The screenings will include blocks of short films with an extensive Q&A with directors, cast and crew immediately following.

Our 21st Annual African American Film marketplace and S.E. Manly Short Film Showcase will close with our Soul Food & Film Reception at 9:00 p.m.  For a complete screening schedule, visit our website www.BHERC.org.




10 Minutes (19:00 Min.)

By Satie Gossett (Director) & Catherine Hardin (Writer)

10 minutes before Samuel is to be executed, he is asked for the last time by J.D., the prosecutor, the whereabouts of one of his victims. Samuel will tell J.D. only after J.D confesses his worst crime. Now the game begins.  Will J.D. confess to a crime, and is he telling the truth? And will Samuel tell him the location of the little girl’s body?

#AmeriCAN  (15:00 Min.)

By Nate Parker (Director/Writer) and James Lopez (Producer)

An LAPD officer working the night beat in inner city LA responds to a convenience store break-in. When chasing down the perpetrator, he’s in for a terrible surprise.

AGAPE (12:00 Min.)

By Chris Strikes (Director), Ron Dias (Writer) and Emmanuel Kabongo (Producer)

Nathan, an honest hard-working man with a rough past, tries to find a way to get full custody of his son. Due to his past, the law creates hurdles for him but unconditional love makes him take matters into his own hands.

ALAKAZIA – Divisions (6:00 Min.)

By A’Lone ALAKAZIA & ArmenHarootun (Directors), A’Lone ALAKAZIA (Writer) and A’Lone ALAKAZIA, SharisHarootun, & Ray Sarno (Producers)

ALAKAZIA is a renowned Creative Director and “Ghost Fashion Designer”, for some of the world’s top couture European houses, fashion brands and retailers worldwide for over two decades to date. This short documentary speaks to the origin of ALAKAZIA’s passion for fashion.

AMNESTY (13:00 Min.)

By Caroline Josey Karoki (Director/Producer/Executive Producer),  Neena Page Ramsey (Writer), Catalina Alcaraz Guzman (Executive Producer) and LaToya Yeargans & Megan Melrose (Co-Producers)

A young Kenyan couple lives the American dream until an ICE audit reveals a damaging secret that destroys, in days, a life they’ve spent years building together.


ATTENDANT (14:00 min.)

By Deon Hayman (Director)

An attentive bathroom attendant teaches us there can be more to a job than just earning tips.


By Reuben Johnson (Director), Ci Ci Foster (Writer/Producer) and Kevin L. Foster (Producer)

Based on a true story, BEYOND MERRITT is the inspirational story of Lynda Merritt, a single mother of four, who becomes lost in the evil grips of cocaine addiction.

BLACK LOVE (8:00 Min.)

By Max Cole (Director)

Inspired by the relationship between George Jackson and Angela Davis: A young couple is forced to make difficult decisions during the Black Power Movement.


By Rashim Cannad (Director/Writer/Producer) and Tarina Pouncy (Producer)

A married man meets the woman of his dreams during a business trip and loses his wedding ring during a night spent in her company. Now he must find the ring before his wife finds out it’s missing or face the consequences.


By Choice Skinner (Director/Writer/Executive Producer) and Sheldon A. Smith, Farley Jackson, & Alice Raibon (Executive Producers)

Isaac, the youngest of three brothers, flees home to inform his older brother Elijah that he just killed another teen in order to alleviate the daily bullying of a local gang.  He pleads with Elijah to help him configure a lie to tell Abraham, the eldest brother, who is a strict disciplinarian and very religious. When Abraham begins interrogating Isaac about the shooting, tensions mount and old buried secrets are revealed which threaten to tear the brothers apart and destroy their lives forever.


By Korey J. Isbell (Director/Writer/Producer)

This film explores the Memphis Grizzlies’ outstanding community relations.

ChrissBriss (12:00 Min.)

By Delmar Washington (Director), Josh Eiserike (Writer) and Garen Thomas and DeShaun Thompson (Producers)

The woman of his dreams happens to be Jewish and a daughter of a rabbi. In order to marry her, he must convert to Judaism, which inevitably means getting circumcised.

DEATH BY DESIGN (27:00 Min.)

By Jamal Hall (Director/Writer/Producer), Rob Harrell and Teddy Martinez (Writers/Producers) and Jonathon Sisco (Producer)

Families of victims relive their stories in graphic detail and the communities voices speak out in this gripping collaboration by P.R.O.J.E.C.T. CHANGE, Dynomyte Films and Anti-Violence Art Group Revolution.

DEVIL ANGEL (9:00 Min.)

By Jamal Hall (Director/Writer/Producer)

Alexander Green has personal demons that he struggles with everyday. We take a ride with Alex into his surreal world of dreams.

DO YOU KNOW (35:00 Min.)

By S. Torriano Berry (Director) and Dr. Venise Berry (Writer/Producer)

10-Part Web Series about a group of College friends dealing with love, relationships and HIV-AIDS.

FIRST DATE (16:00 Min.)

By Kristen V. Carter (Director/Writer/Producer) and Brandon Deese & Jamila Jordan (Producers)

Lia has recently moved from the East Coast to Los Angeles. During her welcome brunch, she receives a mysterious text from R.T., an older man who wants to show her a nice time in her new town. But their encounter is filled with unwelcome emotion and awkward jitters.

FREELOADER (18:00 Min.)

By Tarina Pouncy (Director/Writer/Producer) and Rashim Cannad (Writer/Producer)

A habitual freeloader gets a taste of her own medicine when a colorful but mysterious guest talks her way into her apartment.


by Katherine Micheaux Miller (Director/Writer/Producer) and Kristina Sullivan (Producer)

What happens when work comes home uninvited?

HANDS TO THE SKY (18:00 Min.)

By Kimberly A. Townes (Director) and Theodore Perkins (Writer/Producer)

Days after their mother dies, Thomas Abernathy is separated from his autistic older brother, Eugene Abernathy, and placed into the care of a pastor and his wife. With no immediate family other than a delinquent cousin, Eugene uses his passion to overcome the challenges those with autism too often face, proving he can build his independent life.  An urban journey about the bond of two brothers, HANDS TO THE SKY celebrates the power of individuals living on the spectrum.


By LaRita Shelby (Director/Writer/Producer) Logan Westbrooks (Writer/Producer) Dee Robinson (Writer) and Dr. Troy J. Davis (Producer)

This is the story of Civil War soldiers from the 62nd and 65th Colored Infantry and the white officers who forged a bond after the war to form Lincoln University in Jefferson City, Missouri, in1866.

JAKE AND TANYA (9:00 Min.)

By Jamal Hall (Director), Racquel Bailey, Marlon Perrier (Writer/Producer)

Take a journey through the relationship of Jake and Tanya as they seem to find out who they really are while learning about each other.

JESUS (24:00 Min.)

By Joseph C. Grant, Jr. (Director/Writer/Producer), Dana Dane (Writer/Executive Producer), Chubb Rock (Executive Producer), and Earl “E” Boogie Thomason (Producer)

Are you ignoring your salvation?  Based on the powerful song JESUS, performed by and starring artists/producer E. Boogie and Hip Hop Legend/Radio Personality ChubbRock, we follow two friends through a day in their life of their misdeeds and watch as their friendship unravels unexpectedly in dramatic fashion.  Now they must face their final judgment and eternal fate.  Is there redemption for those who ignore their salvation and should there be?  We will all face our judgment days.


By Ruben Johnson (Director), John Wynn (Writer/Producer/Executive Producer), Edit Wynn (Co-Producer/Executive Producer), Jeremiah Wynn, William Wynn & Fenton Rhaney (Executive Producers) and Harold Edding (Co-Producer)

KENYA’S EYES (12:00 Min.)

By Kecia J. Benson (Director/ Writer/Producer), Michael “Boogie” & Kevin Brown (Executive Producers) and Jimmie “Penny” Pinckney (Producer)

Based on a true story, a hopeless young African-American girl fights her way through a transitional time in her life, struggling with self-confidence and identity. Looking for guidance, she reaches out to Shante, her imaginary friend, for support.


By Karlton T. Clay (Director/Writer/Producer)

There’s a thin line when it comes to being someone’s lover and being someone’s friend. Because when that line is crossed, that’s when the problems really begin!


By Nancy O. Greene (Director/Writer/Producer)

Edited in the style of B-movie classics like “Grindhouse” and early black and white science fiction and horror films, “Marvin & Mary vs. the Apocalypse” is the story of a young man who discovers he is a superhero (sort of) and must battle through the beginnings of an apocalypse to get to the woman he loves.

MOMMA’S OWN (25:00 Min.)

By Harrell D. Williams, Sr. (Director/Writer)

Honey is a young and sexy prostitute doing what she does best, which is to make money on her back, a life she was born into. Hiness,  Honey’s mom, just out of rehab, has only one thing on hermind: to save her daughter, which won’t be an easy task.

MY NAME IS KARMA (20:00 min.)

By Salina Duplessis (Director )

Robin Clarke seemingly has it all. She’s young, beautiful and successful. Her only downfall is staying in a relationship with Garrett Scott despite his cheating and inconsiderate behavior. When Garrett stands her up on her birthday the camel’s back officially breaks. In her despair, Robin unknowingly incites the help of Karma personified who magically gives Robin the power to make sure that Garrett’s ‘Karma’ catches up with him.

ONLY LIGHT (13:00 Min.)

By Evita M. Castine (Director), Thembi L. Banks (Writer) and Elena Ostroumova & Zachary Skipp (Producers)

When a young girl is kidnapped from the Democratic Republic of the Congo and sold as a sex worker to the U.S., she finds an escape from reality by watching a teenage girl next door.

OUT OF RANGE (22:00 Min.)

By Berylanne Lynch (Director/Writer/Producer)

When a college student experiences a life-changing coincidence of facing someone frightful from her past, she is left to seek vengeance her own way.

PAST TENSE (30:00 Min.)

By Reuben Johnson (Director/Writer/Producer), Shunell Johnson, Nikki Nichelle and Wendy Walker (Producers)

This is a journey of having loved and having lost. Devin and Azana, two best friends for nearly 26 years, have a snag in their friendship when Azana decides to marry someone other than Devin.


By Jessikeé Campbell-Walker (Director/Writer) and Gabrielle Nahle (Producer)

Kaci tries her best to please her dad and to make him accept her. She goes through a series of flashbacks from her childhood memories because she is having an inner battle with herself to do the right thing. Kaci finally realizes that he will never change and decides to punish him for his actions.

SHE AIN’T GOT A MAN (24:00 Min.)

By Helen Banks (Director/Writer/Executive Producer) and Sheela Sharma (Producer)

A young, independent documentary filmmaker named Reilly sets out to explore why so many beautiful black women remain single despite desiring to be in a relationship and ends up finding herself manless in the cute docufilm, SHE AIN’T GOT A MAN.

STANFORD & SON (25:00 Min.)

By Moe Irvin (Director/Writer/Executive Producer), Roy Vongtama, Charlotte Marie and James Whitmore, Jr. (Executive Producers)

An eccentric senior citizen wants to be a rapper but is met with opposition from his aristocratic son.


By Chris Reese (Director/Writer/Executive Producer) and Shalonda Shaw (Producer)

When a mother succumbs to a particular fear of raising her child, she knows she has to have a heart wrenching conversation with her child to explain why she can no longer be his mother.

THE DEVIL GOES DOWN            (11:00 Min.)

By Nicholas Julius (Director)

The Devil challenges a young man to a game of basketball. The stakes? What is in the Devil’s bag against the young man’s soul.

THE END AGAIN (15:00 Min.)

By Crystle C. Roberson (Director), Felicia Pride (Writer/Producer), Latisha Fortune (Producer), Columbus Short, John Gray and Dianne Ashford (Executive Producers)

A prequel to the feature film OPEN-ENDED, THE END AGAIN is a pensive portrait of a couple’s last day together as they emphatically end their five-year relationship. Throughout the day, they muse on memories shared and rehash old arguments. Still the outcome remains the same. It’s over. In the end, their final farewell is emotional yet cold. Jane leaves. Joe is left alone. The end has arrived…or has it?


By Rufus G. Walters (Director/Writer/Producer) and Jonathan Thompson (Producer)

When Monrovia, the capital city of Liberia, is overrun by rebels led by James Y. Jensen, President Simpson K. Duo is forced to leave his executive mansion and move to a secure location. There, he barricades himself with a small security detail. As rebels draw closer, President Duo finds himself fighting on other fronts. With constant objections from his wife, Rebecca, to flee, he struggles to make the right decision.


By Latrice and Tanya Byrd (Director/Writer/Producer)

THE LEADING MAN is a short documentary about an African-American college male who is pursuing his dream in acting. This documentary will tear down those stereotypes of African Americans not pursuing anything in life. Instead this documentary will show an educated young man accomplishing his dreams. Also, it will inspire younger African Americans.


HEALING FOR THE SOUL is a short documentary about an African-American young man pursuing his dream in anthropology, studying mostly in African-American and Nigerian culture. This documentary tears down those stereotypes of African Americans not pursuing anything in life.


By Jahdai Pickett (Director), Barry Brewer (Writer/Executive Producer), Jasmine Beard (Producer) and Deonna Raheem & Amber Johns (Co-Producers)

Four friends borrow a lump sum of money from their old neighborhood drug dealer and forget to pay him back.  When visited by the drug lord’s goons, they have until the end of the day to pay their debt.

THE RIDDLE (15:00 Min.)

By FidaeSbaai (Director)

A prison warden offers a chance to his prisoner, an enigma. If he solves it, he wins back his freedom.

THE TRUTH LIES (16:00 Min.)

By Dion Lack (Director/Writer) and Twilla Tanyi (Producer)

When we first meet Dave, a gentle hearted man, he is at his wit’s end and seeking direction.  As the story progresses, we learn that the love of his life, Reyna, is having an affair that appears serious.  As Dave tries to figure out how to salvage what’s left of his relationship, Reyna’s blatant dismissal of him sends Dave into a jealous fury.  Dave, no longer the victim, takes matters into his own hands.


By Darryl Dane Bohanan (Director/Writer/Producer)

Confession is good for the soul!


By Caroline Josey Karoki

Mr. Williams and his two children, Michael (4) and Calvin (5), have a rare blood disorder called Diamond Blackfan Anemia (DBA). There is no cure except for the possibility of a bone marrow transplant with a matched donor.  In the meantime, all three are blood transfusion dependent and must each get transfusions every 3-4 weeks.


By William Bright (Director/Producer) and Jocelyn Stewart (Writer)

A brilliant girl from a disadvantaged background has a chance to live her dream of attending a very prestigious university; however she soon learns the price of acceptance among the elite. She must decide whether or not to compromise her core values in order to become who she thinks she wants to be.

TiCkToCk & DEEP INTHE DREAM (4:00 Min. & 4:00 Min.)

By Latrice and Tanya Byrd (Director/Writer/Producer)

TiCkToCk In a world where everyone is seen as clocks that tick to their own beat, a young man that ticks to no beat searches for that special girl that’s just like him. This unique animated film brings a spin on storytelling.

DEEP IN THE DREAM is a scene of a psychiatrist helping her patient explore a dream that he never seems to finish.

TOMASA IN TIME (15:00 Min.)

By S. Torriano Berry (Director), Kim Vasquez (Writer) & DenvorFairweather (Producer)

Granny Tomasa pays a visit to family down in Punta Gorda Village of Belize, only to become embroiled in a messy situation of violence and domestic abuse.  Based on Season 3 of NOH MATTA WAT! the first dramatic TV series of Belize.

TWO-A-DAYS (15 Min.)

By April Wilson (Director)

Michelle Parker, 15, loves football. She looks up to her father, a former football star. At the beginning of her sophomore year, she decides to try out for the high school football team to the chagrin of her older brother, Stephen, the star quarterback. Throughout tryouts, Michelle and Stephen’s relationship is challenged as she learns what it takes to make the team and how to be seen as an equal within her family.

WEIGHTED:  Inspired by FitKenyanGirl (46:00 Min.)

By Caroline Josey Karoki (Director/Producer) and Jane Mukami (Executive Producer)

As a young African woman, Jane has no idea where her weight loss journey will take her. After meeting her trainer Roc, Jane is challenged to enter a bodybuilding competition, something that is foreign to her. Her fitness journey is both criticized and praised and this inspires her to proceed in the competitive sport. Jane’s newfound sport arouses the curiosity of her African-American friend, Veronica. But before she can think about competing, she has to face the challenge of losing over 80 pounds.


By Michael Foster (Director)

Neal Lyons is a prideful man that was met with unfortunate circumstances. These circumstances led to him becoming homeless, but his pride has him trying to keep up appearances so no one will know.

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