Time To Check The Vegetable Planting Guide

The Vegetable Planting Guide

The Vegetable Planting Guide


Jannie Vaught

After the gloom overcast days it is so wonderful to see sunshine!

This morning the garden list said “Look at Vegetable Planting Guide”.

First you need to know what is your growing zone. Go to the USDA Hardiness zone finder, put in your zip code and there you are your planting zone. We are 8B here in central Texas, but this can also change just go a few miles and it will shift so use the guide. I use the Agri Life extension guide also the Organic Gardening guides on the internet. You can also contact your aglife office, they will help you. So as I was reading the chart said “plant seeds otherwise noted” and the list will say which seeds or transplant. It being the last week of December there is more than a days work stated there. Artichoke, Asian greens. I have row’s of these already in and growing, but Lettuce, seed or transplant and Radish caught my eye. I have a real liking for them them both and since my lettuce is now table ready I am going to plant some more to keep the flow going. But Radish, I really like the icicle in right now very tasty a little jot, but good in a refrigerator pickle! I have French Breakfast seed in the seed stash, and some cherry bell. I will try these and see what we get. Also asparagus can be bought and planted now. Gureney has many varieties and even purple.

Plant 1 year old crowns. they take 3 years to get them to your table but well worth it.

Plant in trenches, well dug and composted,

make a small mounded hill and spread the crown over it.

Cover with soil 5 to 6 inches and pat down.

When the ferns start turning yellow you can trim them to ground.

Remove the ferns and compost or discard due to certain bugs that like this plant.

A nice leaf cover will help the roots and in spring you will see the sprouts break through.

If they are not 3 years old do not pick them as they are developing their roots, more roots more ferns.

Hope this get’s all your garden energy ready.

Next week we will talk about Onions! Nothing better, life is like an onion many layers!

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