The Beauty And Tragedy Of “The Sublime and Beautiful”


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Tragedy can strike on the most ordinary day and sometimes love is not enough to soothe the pain after a devastating loss. Director Blake Robbins masterfully paints a interweaving story dealing with family, relationships, and loss with a eye of a great artist. He skillfully takes one on a journey in this surreal moment which exist in the life of a small family of Kansas.


Laura Kirk as Kelly Conrad and Blake Robbins as David Conrad

Laura Kirk as Kelly Conrad and Blake Robbins as David Conrad


David and Kelly Conrad seem like the perfect couple they have three children who they love and adore yet there seems to be something missing from their relationship. David is a college professor with a roaming eye; raising his three kids with his wife in a small Kansas suburb. It all seems so perfect, until tragedy hits by way of a drunk driver killing their three children. It is here where David and Kelly’s world is torn apart. There is a great divide that develops between them which neither one of them are able to cross to comfort each other. Both David and Kelly spiral into the darkness of grief and despair taking different paths trying to deal with their grief and loss; for David the only thing that can ease his pain is his desire to make the one person who shattered his world pay, but in the eyes of that person he sees his own mirrored reflection and it is almost too much for David to bear.It causes David to become self destructive until he finally finds comfort and solace in the very place that tore his world apart. This is a sweet sorrowful tale about how in an instant one’s life can change.


Blake Robbins as David-Conrad

Blake Robbins as David-Conrad


“The Sublime and Beautiful” is wonderfully told by writer and Director Blake Robbins. With its interweaving narrative it is a reflection on life itself and how one deals with loss, but at the same time how does one find the strength to carry on.


The Sublime and Beautiful 93 min

Director:  Blake Edwards