Mums and Poinsettias

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Mums and Poinsettias



Jannie Vaught

The potted plants that wind up in the trash! Well how about keeping them year after year. Being that I repurpose and recycle, I look at all things with a different perspective. Often this is how it goes. “Now what can I use this for and how can I keep it thriving.”

So it goes for Mum’s, one of the favorite decorating potted plants you can get a lot of plant for your dollar. And Yes! they can and do live in the yard. One of the old favorite flower bed plants has now been lost to the pot, then to the trash. Mums or Chrysanthemums are a great re-purpose plant. Once your done with the season decorating and the blooms are droopy plant them. They Love sunny places. Morning sun is best they need 5 to 8 hours of sunlight to blossom, some fertile soil and a little water. They don’t like “wet feet”so that is good for us who are trying to go easy on our water. Plant level with the soil line about 18 to 30 inches apart. Feed them in the spring with 20-10-20 then change to 10-20-10 when they flower. Separate about every 3 years as they will get congested with to many plants. Separate gently and transplant in pot or ground. When the temperatures get chilly they will die back. Cut them to ground level and mulch with 4 inches of leafy material or old hay or straw. Potted plants will winter in a protected area with light. Cut back and mulch. Water potted plants only when they are dry 3 inches below the soil line. And that beautiful Mum will give you lovely flowers year after year.

Now on to Poinsettias, euphorbia pulcherrima:

A tropical plant, so there it is,” tropics” with a very specific temperature and fussy tending process. There is a great web site on Google, “Keepers or Compost”. It will tell you all about this exotic plant. So if you want to keep this plant again give it a look. I had a friend that had a wonderful poinsettia and it was the talk of the town. Year after year it grew. And remember many house plants are poisonous to our cat’s and dogs so keep them away from your pets.

Yes, the garlic is in the ground and a few more places need mulching.

Here is a lesson I learned:

I needed to turn the soil in the new garlic area and I was going to have it rototilled because I was not wanting to get so muscle sore I couldn’t move! Ugh! Not being able to get someone to do the rototilling I forged ahead with The Broad fork and shovel. And that soil was like soft butter! And full of earth worms and red wigglers that I have been raising that moved themselves. I would have decimated them to a tiller.

So lesson learned!

Do the hard part and pace yourself. Now the garlic is in, the worms are alive and it it looks beautiful!

Out in the morning today!!

The light is extra lovely.

Growing Green and only a few ache with Jannie.