Shoko Ryu: An Artist of the Soul



I am always pulling inspiration from my life experiences and the different things I see. Some of my favorite works are works that reflect nature, animals, people, and symbolism. But I am also always excited to work on challenging new projects that make me think about things in a different way and expand my horizons.

Shoko Ryu is a freelance illustrator originally from Japan currently living in Northern California. She finds inspiration from various sources and her artistic inspiration comes from many different places. Creating art is her way of sharing her experiences, and her passion is for creating beautiful and thought-provoking pieces.

Shoko Ryu’s background is quite varied: She has created illustrations for magazines, apparel, as well as branding for companies. While freelancing, she has created t-shirt designs for companies and package designs for retail products as well as logos and branding. Shoko Ryu also creates digital art and has created some work that she is quite proud of digitally. Her mediums vary depending on the project but she primarily works with graphite, watercolor, and acrylic.

I grew up in the country side of Japan where has lots of nature. I often went to mountain to hear the sounds of nature, feel the air, and smell the nature. Since when I was little, I loved to express my thoughts and imagination with something such as playing the piano, sing a song, drawing and painting. Japanese people don’s express themselves openly, but I was more active to express my feeling, myself, and my imagination. I think the biggest influenced by my parents was education. My family structure was unique. My mother is japanese, but my father is korean. That’s why they had wider focus more so regular than japanese parents. That’s why when I was 14 years old I did home stay in Australia to expand my scope. I still remember that there was beautiful architectures with cool advertisements. Since then my passion for the art was increased. That time I didn’t study seriously about art, but I was drawing and painting for my spice of joy. I had an another dream which was to travel all over the world. When I turned 20, I decided to be a graphic designer which I can do all over the world with computer. I learned graphic design by myself. At the same time I was continuing to drawing as well. I was just kept drawing what I like. Then my drawing started to get noticed by people and they told me “if when they see my arts, they are inspired by it and feel joy and happiness.” I was so happy to hear that my arts are making people happy. So I decided to work as illustrator seriously, and I thought I want to keep drawing to so could I send messages which I want to tell to the people through my art.

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