Garlic Is A Foodies Best Friend

Marble stripe


By Jannie Vaugh

Garlic fresh from the garden or bought from the store, life and health attune with this wonder globe. Types of garlic are soft neck and hard neck. Covered those last week, you can search on line there are many places to buy from and select what suits your fancy, for example: 

Inchelium red
Purple stripe
Marble stripe


The types are many and all are good. The many type sometimes has slight flavor qualities. I find the red to be spicy and the whites are mild and larger. Be fearless and plant something new and see what happens. Even garlic from the grocery store will plant and grow, most of these are hard neck and from china which is the largest grower of garlic. I have grown these and had fair success, but I prefer to purchase closer to home, so have a look around and find the type that suits you.


Garlic is a foodies best friend from saute in mashes potatoes to an all time favorite Garlic Bread wrapped in foil, again the recipes are endless. When you have a good stash of home grown garlic you will be creative and find many ways to compliment your current recipes or make up some new ones.


On to the medicinal properties, garlic is again the champ for treating the cold. Eaten when the symptoms first emerge is the best. Chopped or ground with horseradish, onion, turmeric powder, and vinegar is a Hair Raising clear your nose and throat treatment. The positive aspect of using food as your medicine, you are assured that it will not hurt you. It might clean you out or upset your stomach if you take to much. Always follow your own guidance if you have food allergies. So here’s to the garlic clove, keep it close and plant lot’s of it; you may be needing this helper in your cupboard and medicine cabinet.


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