Garlic, The Food Of The Gods

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Jannie Vaught


    Garlic, Allium Sativum is a species in the onion genus Allium. Native to central Asia it is used both culinary and medical purposes, is a boulbous plant. Sometimes called the food of the gods. I call it deliscious and cook with it daily, only the cookies don’t have garlic! And I use it for treating colds, flu and sore throats.

    This wonder plant is easy to grow and can be grown year round in mild climates.  There are two types, hard neck, the center stalk is very firm and is primarily grown in cold deep freeze climates and soft neck, with a soft center stem, easy to braid and grown here in central texas. You can grow both types here it is your choice.

    These are very hardy plants and not subject to much problems with pests or disease. Garlic love roses and is said to keep aphids off them. Planting garlic, fall planting is the deal, check for the soil temps to get 50 farenheight at 9 am in 4″ deep soil, you can check with about any thermomitor.  

    Planting should be done 6 weeks prior to first freeze. Too early will allow the clove to not only root but put up a green shoot that could freeze damage ,that is not desirable as winter kill will waste plant energy. Plant too late may not allow the clove enough time to initiate its root system to anchor itself in the soil and result in winter injury and heaving out of the ground in spring.

    Prepare soil by tilling to loosen ground and apply some composted manuer and a dust of bone meal ,now turn that all in.

    Preparing garlic for planting:

    Break open the garlic and seperate the cloves, use large cloves to gert large plants!

    Eat the small cloves.

    Clean off the paper and soak in 1 gallon water with 1 tablespoon fish emulsion.

    Soak for at lest 15 min. Or over night.

    Then rinse with hydrogen peroxide, isophrophil alcohol or vodka to sanitize the cloves. Keep the mold and fungus at bay.  

    Plant in rows 2-3 inches deep and 6″ apart, tip side up to the sky root side down.

    Pat in , cover with mulch rotten hay works great keeps them warm.

    Now wait till spring and weed ,weed ,weed! In spring if they have scapes, a long curled shoot from the center, pick these and eat them delish! Harvest when the bottom leaves turn brown and they start tipping over. Cure in the sun until dry about 3 weeks. They will last longer if you braid them and store loose out of the refrigerator in a cool basket. Next week we will look at culinary medicine and types of garlic so check those temps and let’s grow Garlic!

    Growing green and cooking garlic with Jannie

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