Playwright: Raegan Payne

Raegan Payne

Raegan Payne



Raegan Payne is an award-winning, published playwright who is happy to say her work is regularly produced around the US. Her scripts are sold in the US and UK. She’s been lucky enough to study Shakespeare at Oxford University, playwriting with The Royal Court in London, and Improv at the Groundlings School in LA. Raegan is currently a finalist for Los Angeles’s Center Theatre Group’s Sherwood Award.


Artist Statement:

Both “Strange Scene” and “In a Hole” appeared in a collection of plays called “Down Swing,” which were written during, and focused on the effects of The Great Recession. I think that only time will show us the true scope of what happened in the fall of 2008, but without question many of us suffered a loss of dignity. I approached this loss with humor because the hoops we had to jump through to survive can only be described as absurd.

When I work with directors I frequently tell them that the character descriptions are just suggestions. It is important to me that the widest range of actors as possible be considered for each role. Both the Reporter in “In a Hole” and the Baby-sitter in “Strange Scene” were intended to be fairly gender neutral so that they could be played by any sex. Another example is the description of Lucet as Latin. This only means that she speaks spanish as a first language and I did not intend it to describe her physically. The words: hot, beautiful, etc. are also available for interpretation. What is hot or beautiful to one person may not be to another, and I encourage different communities to explore these as concepts rather than strict physical descriptions.


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