Disruption, A Call To Action




Austin Winter-Chase

“My Roots are in hunger and terrible poverty” Agripina Perea, Cartagena Colombia


“Disruption” is a powerful documentary by SKYLIGHT PICTURES detailing how people can create change and disrupt the status quo of society when they put the right powerful tools and education in the hands of those who need it the most women and mothers.


A band of Latin American activist-economists sets out to reduce inequality in the region with a model that places women at the center of the drive for social change. Collaborating with governments, big banks, and women marginalized by poverty in Peru, Colombia, and Brazil, they spread financial literacy horizontally using digital education tools and innovative strategies for financial inclusion. Through the program, the women become empowered economically and are political agents in their communities; leading the process of societal transformation from the bottom up. 3 millions lives have already been changed. If the model is taken to scale, can 20 million women upend a continent?


The way this stimulating documentary explores the stories of six women and their communities of Latin America is both engaging and a call to action. One can see the hardships these women have had to live most of their lives. It is absolutely unthinkable that people are forced to live in such way in a modern world and yet there is hope as these women are transformed into the leaders and teachers of their communities. The empowerment of these women has become the key to eliminating inequality of all kinds and making sure poverty will be something of the past told in history books. It is said that knowledge is the illumination of darkness and so is the documentary “Disruption” it is the illumination of the darkness and hopelessness of poverty and inequality. With the sun rising on new era of financial and social equality,

“We want to gently twist capitalist mechanisms, to transform the capitalist system, from individual values to values of solidarity.” -Yves Moury, President of Fundación Capital



“Disruption” 84 min

Director: Pamela Yates

Editor: Peter Kinoy

Producer: Paco de Onís


140917 DISRUPTION Trailer from Skylight Pictures on Vimeo.



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