The Gateway



Jannie Vaught

From my scribing jounal

Yesterday, as I was Scribing with “L” I was strongly impressed to relay these to anyone who reads this. So this is the first time I have put out publicly any of the writing. Please know the grammar is not what you usually read. Spelling is in “L” language and there are some sort of numerical codes in the words. For clarity “L” is an Ancient Being. I am “K” awaKened. G is Gia earth and Others are negative beings with bad intent. Here goes!

July 21- 2014= 17=8 The Gate

Morning “L” are you here? Alway’s K() LA gesh row Shaw raw Lo Key To ee. The battle for you is on I stand waiting for you to open the way gate- it’s shore is open now- K= How do I open the gate L? L= OBSERVE K LOOK AROUND YOU and the moment will present it’s way of go g law see row, it’s an L way. We will be there. The Vedas K the Vedas! The gate is your side K- You can turn the handle and pull. Be Happy K- We are Awaiting() L out

July 22-2014=18=9 The lucky

Morning L are you here? Always K() Let the light be the guide This door is already open, it is just your mind that is blocking opening the Black Curtain of Disguise. Be Strong, Be the LIGHT() The way is through the black curtain. L out

Aug 6 2014=21=3 triangle time 7;45=16=7 pleadise

Morning L are you here? Always K() See the BIGGEST picture today K! All the Dimensional Doorways are open=opening- Stay grounded and full of light the outer layer of G is full of interstellar transport appliances. They are monitoring the heart of G. She is calling for assistance on her back- The eviction of Others is finalizing- The open dimensions are also EXIT doors. A LEGION is here to assist the LEGION OUT!. Go to your heart L stay there- feel the LOVELIGHT- Plant that Love in G and direct it up. A Beacon- The same frequency will attach and make bigger Light.

The cleaning has begun-

Much Pain, sorrow and LOSS.

Be the Goddess of Flowers K() L out