O Réjane

O Réjane



Coming this fall, an innovative new play will connect LA theater- goers to the spirit of Réjane, a remarkable French actress and theater impresario who changed French culture, fashion and socio-politics as the 19th century morphed into the 20th. O Réjane will have it’s world premieres on  November 14, 2014 at Bootleg Theater to take audiences into the life of an indomitable woman of strength and passion. Réjane is the most influential French actress most Americans have never heard of, yet she is so influential that she was portrayed by Toulouse-Lautrec, Boldini, Sargent, Beardsley and more.

Conceived and written by Ilana Turner, with original music by Réjane’s great-great- granddaughter Adrien Reju, O Réjane tells the untidy story of its all-too-modern heroin – a working mother in the Belle Époque. Reju is collaborating with Sébastien Miel of the French band La Maison Tellier on the play’s sound. O Réjane also uses original text, stylized movement and the plays that made her famous to tell Réjane’s humble-to-haute story. The show will be directed by Christopher Sivertsen, Artistic Director of UN-Certified theater company Awake Projects. Sivertsen’s work has received international acclaim.

Says Rico Gagliano of the “Dinner Party Download,”

“I saw scenes from O Réjane at a showcase of new work, and was struck by its humor, intelligence and style — kind of Howard Hawks meets Moulin Rouge.”


More about Réjane:

• Comedienne Réjane reigned as “Queen of the Boulevard” during her lifetime.

•During her divorce proceedings, Réjane won the legal right to sign her

own contracts at a time when women were not permitted to do so.

•Réjane was Henrik Ibsen’s favorite ‘Nora’ in A Doll’s House and helped to usher in the naturalistic style of acting to which we are now all accustomed. •

• She opened the Theatre Réjane (now Théâtre de Paris) in 1905, and staged new works like Maeterlinck’s The Blue Bird.

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