The Otherworldly Genius Of Evan Mann

The otherworldly

The otherworldly


Monteque Pope-Le Beau

Out of death comes life and out of life comes death.

Evan Mann has created another work of art. “Real Ethereal” was  the work of a true genius who has brought forth another in “The Otherworldly”. In this new work it deals with the complex fluidity of  the cosmos as it goes through  its the natural cycles. The interconnectedness of the cosmos, life, death and rebirth is mystifying in its cognitive landscape. It is in the interaction of  life, death and renewal the unknown is revealed. As life unfolds  “The Otherworldly”  asks many questions such as: what is life, what does it all mean, what is existence, what is creation and what is the true meaning of death?

Evan Mann simplifies the meaning of life and death in a very beautiful abstract way..”The Otherworldly” is both beautiful as it is a delight to the emotional  and visual senses.


The Otherworldly, 2014 8:03 min

Director:  Evan Mann


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