Submissions Fee Notice



We at The Art Of Monteque feel we have become limited in what we can do in the form of help and support; so starting October 1, 2014  The Art of Monteque will be implementing a submissions fee.

This is to help offset the administration cost and would allow The Art Of Monteque to help more artists in need with its Artists Services. Along with helping with the production and staging of art projects.

Is our purpose and goal to provide help and support to Artists and Communities. While using the universal language of art to create a difference. Uniting humanity under one umbrella for the common good of future generations. Bettering the landscape of ideas and thoughts.

Austin Winter-Chase


The exceptions to the submission fee are Featured Artists and Invited Artists.

For more information you can go to here

We are sorry for the inconvenience, but we hope you will understanding and support what we are doing.


The Art Of Monteque