Sundance Next Film Review: “The Guest”

The Guest

The Guest


Monteque Pope-Le Beau

Sometimes when everything in your life seems to be going bad and the world seems to be upside down; sometimes just sometimes it takes a bad person to right everything or so it seems.

Director Adam Wingard and screenwriter Simon Barnett’s film,  “The Guest”  had it’s screening at Sundance Next Film Festival in Los Angeles.

The Guest is a delightful tribute to horror films of a bygone era.. It is both raw and gritty, but at the same time it is able to maintain it’s sense of humor.


David ( Dan Stevens)

David ( Dan Stevens)


The Peterson family is mourning the loss of their son who died in combat when  a brother in arms shows up on their doorstep with a promise that he may to their son to watch over his family. At first everything seems to be okay. David ( Dan Stevens) is the perfect houseguest. He is the all-American boy that does everything right until the family is threatened one way or another. Then the true mask that David wears starts to crack and falls away revealing a person who’s capable  of  far more than his sweet boy next-door persona would show. As David  tries to right things for the family and get rid of the obstacles in his way, he starts losing his grip on sanity and becomes one step closer to those who are hunting him.


The Guest  99 min