Artist M. Helsenrott Hochhauser

M. Helsenrott Hochhauser


My art work has taken on many direction during my long career as an artist. Born in Chicago, Ill., lived most of my life in New YorkCity. Now, reside in Santa Barbara, California. Educated in New York receiving a Masters Degree in Painting, and a partial completion for a Doctoral Degree in Museum Studies. Joined Trenton State College a Professor of Art.


Sometime ago, I worked in Japan with a 7th generation papermaker, a “National Treasure” in Japan who has been dedicated to working in the ancient process of paper making. This experience has nurtured my desire to explore Japanese culture and it’s aesthetics in depth – it has become a major focus in my creative life. I have taken this traditional process to contemporary conceptual level to make art.


My appetite for creativity has encompassed my life. I am always searching for ways to explore different ways that could be unpredictable to express and divulge my innermost feelings. I believe, it is necessary to record the
cultural continuity and creative endeavors of man as a means of staying in touch with humanity.


The art  Artist M. Helsenrott Hochhauser.

Shapes In Space

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