Survival time


Jannie Vaught


Being crushed inside a rolling car is a beyond traumatic experience. As the body was crushed the spirit jumped out, and was walking around the outside looking around the landscape and I thought talking to the E M T’s. but that was not what was happening; unconscious, bleeding and catastrophic. My right arm had gotten between the roof and the road and was destroyed. I had 3 head concussions, temporal and almost open in the back. Both shoulders dislocated, ribs broken, spine compressed, liver and internal organs bruised due to seat belt. Only my legs and hips were not broken. When I was transported to the Gallup hospital I was still unconscious. My right arm was going to be amputated at the elbow, but as it would happen there was a young orthopedic surgeon from the army working in the hospital that day! Having recently returned from Iraq he did his magic and stabilized the arm.


The rest is very blurry, as I truly was with the Ancient Beings and popping into 3rd. dimension. Time was turning, but for me there was no time. I was released from the hospital and returned to Phoenix with my daughter to her house, where we all lived. The recovery healing time was painful and long; pain pill’s and endless day’s of doctors. Plus 3 more surgery’s, and piece of plastic removed from my inner ear. Unrelenting vertigo and nothing worked! One afternoon I managed to get outside and much to my surprise, slowly the colors of the sky blue then the blooming yellow palo verde tree covered with butterfly’s unfolded. I didn’t know I could only see black and white, I also could not tasted or smell.


Due to my arm’s. I ate like a dog with my face in the plated! I would weep with abandon. Screaming with pain and anguish. The plea that wretched from me was Why? I never turned anyone away! I loved and cared for my family, humanity and the kingdoms of LIVING THINGS. SO WHY? No answer– All through this time I was daily and nightly being visited by friends and clients, loving and supporting me, my Unity Church drove me to as many as 4 doctors a day. But it was the visitors others could not see that held my full attention. And one early morning about 3 am The Ancient being came into my house and stood by my chair. I tried to ignore this, and suddenly there appeared a golden disk that rotated around my mid section, it had some sort of writing on it and I even would sit forward in the chair so as not to touch the chair, finally leaning back and it just flowed through the chair. How really strange I thought, what is this?




Then “L” started talking! And wanted me to speak with them!


“Whoa!, I am not a channel, I am a sovereign being and do not allow any others to come into me, so let’s be clear about that.” I said


I could barely understand the language at this time, but I went on!
“Here are the ground rules. You speak in a language I can understand. I will write it down. You need to use easy words, I Have a Head Injury, 3 to be correct. and if you are just this head injury talking so be it, the way of healing is different for everyone.” I boldly said


L giggled! Then he began to speak.


“I am L, you are “K” for awaKened, earth is “G” Gia. She would like to speak also.” he said


On that morning I would became a scribe for “L” and “G”.


“So how am I going to hold a pen, smart ass? My right arm is totally unusable!!” I asked


I will bring the Dr. who will repair this arm and “Fix” it. He told me.


Soon I went to another orthopedic doctor, a young hotshot surgeon. He looked at my arm and said “That will it never work, it will curl up and wither, But I will “FIX IT!”




Same words– And 3 surgery’s later and many therapy’s later I have a what I call my bionic arm! I have only partial feeling, my nerve bundle was severed on my scapula. But some how I can use the arm. It totally was a challenge for this Dr. he didn’t do arms he told me later, but I was so catastrophic it was a challenge for him, and he more than excelled. I’ m always grateful to him, and L for guiding me to his office. Even when you don’t realize you are being guided and helped never forget You Are! So the Scribing began, every morning at 3 am. He talks I write and it is this text I would like to share as L leads.


Be Happy this day K, be the light, loves light.


L out!