A Special Journey




Jannie Vaught


I would like to share a very special journey I have been taking. I was guided to begin my writing of how I met L. I am a scribe to this ancient Angel Being “L” I am making a beginning path with this. First you need to know the back story. Because L continue to speak and I write it down. I do not channel, I am in control of my body at all times, L speaks I write. How cool is that! I hope you like “L”, I sure do!~! He call’s me “K” for awaKened Here is the begging of my with journey with L.


In March 2009, returning home from Vision Quest at Valley of the god’s in Arizona. I was the passenger in my car when we were forced off the highway. The car flipped and rolled 4 times landing wheels down. In those tumbling moments I was crushed and broken beyond repair. Left in the a car un survivable is where I met an ancient being



As near as I can translate “L” is what this being refers to as a name. I remember nothing of the accident, one moment I am going down the road heading home, the next we are rolling and then I am instantly in a place I do not know of. It was not in heaven, I saw no one I knew. I was in a real ancient city, sitting in a very large chair at a long table with other chairs around it, but I was alone. Sitting like a child with my legs straight out in front of me; like a tiny girl in a very big chair. I looked around and there were walls of gold with sandstone, huge and tall with un-even tops. There was no ceiling. There were 4 arched doorways and around the top was inscribed some language that I did not recognize. I could hear town sounds, like fire and cooking, people talking and moving about. I sat and looked at the sky and stars, it was night. I did not recognize the constellations above me. Then in from the doorway walked in a line of Very Big Armor clad beings. In a line, I could see 5 of them but I knew there were more.


I felt no fear, just quiet observation and wondering “Where am I” The leader marched up to me and held out their hands, they were perfect, golden in color, as my eye traveled over this being, only loving amazement filled me. Then the speaking started. It was VERY LOUD!! The language I did not know. In my mind I said, I need a translation and then I could understand.


Tree of life


This being had full living Armor on, much like turtle shells, golden and engraved with filigree, and buttons around the edge. A full living face mask, the eyes and mouth moved. There was a chest piece, arm shields, thigh and legs the feet were bare as were the hands. There were no weapons. Long golden hair and some sort of slits across the back of the neck. The name was “L”. “


What are you going to do with the rest of your journey?” L asked.


Finish it of course” I replied.


Here is what you have to do.” L Said


And a verbal list was given to me. After…….. I do not know how long they marched out and I was instantly in Pain in some unknown hospital and my daughter was leaning over me speaking to me. I could only make baby sounds.


I kept looking for the Ancient City and “L”.


Then the real fight for this life began.