Nuggets of Corn

Field Of Corn

Field Of Corn


Jannie Vaught

Corn is pure gold in America. It’s growing in our gardens, in our fuel tanks and in endless numbers of products..

Corn the Mexican grass Zea Mays has been grown for at least 8.000 years.

Here are some cool facts about corn:

We grow enough corn in America to cover the state of Kansas and Iowa together!. Over 10 billion bushels.

The best time to harvest is 17-18 days after silk appears.

Best time to eat : 2 to 3 says after harvest.

Average number of kernels per cob: 800.

Average rows of kernels: 16.

Rain and wind can alter pollination, (pollen landing on the silk) and make uneven rows. Cross pollination is very easy with corn. The wind can carry pollen from another field a very long way! So plant different types of corn at 2 week intervals so crossing is less. Plant at least 200 plants in a single plot to insure plant diversity. Pollen will spring from the tassels and float down to the silk, very cool to see.




Here are some of the many products that contain corn in some way:

Dry cell batteries,
Shoe polish
Packing peanuts
Peanut butter
Frozen sea food

And this is a Small list! 
A typical bushel of corn can weigh 56 pounds. It will produce 32 pounds of starch, 33 pounds of corn sweetener, or 2.5 gallons of ethanol fuel. Wow corn is really a companion to us! What other plant can do so much?! And and we take this plant for granted, what if we lost all our corn crop for one year? This is what would be happening, we would be hungry!

 Native Americans had names for corn: “seed of seeds”, ” our mother”, “our life”, and “she who sustains us.” The same is true for all of us. Without corn we would be very different. I have friend’s who are allergic to corn, well if I was I would starve to death, we literally eat corn everyday. And glad to be eating it. I personally Love corn in every way; sweet corn off the cob, chips, flakes, sweetener and in baking even a lemon meringue pie, I need corn!
Corn for Dinner

Corn for Dinner

The Mayan calendar, one of the oldest, is based on the corn growing season. The Cherokee honor Selu the corn mother and dance every year for the green corn. Our history if full of all sorts of ways to honor The Corn. Here is one way our family does, my mixed blood Cherokee father had corn bread every evening. Cooked in an iron skillet, with lot’s of butter and then before bed we had corn bread in a bowl with milk over it, eaten with a spoon. Some family traditions are simply wonderful and stay with you for a life time.
If you are concerned about the genetic manipulation being done to corn, buy organic non GMO, grow your own and yeah here is a great way, say a Prayer of gratitude over it and for this great plant, she has served mankind faithful and doesn’t this golden plant deserve some thank yous.  I think the Aztecs had a great way, they payed their taxes with corn.
 Any way you look at it Corn has and will continue to provide for humanity. Now I think I will go out and see how my corn is growing. And thank God I have a beautiful stand this year. And today pop corn would be good to munch on!Growing green with Jannie


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