Poetry By: M. Elizabeth Pope



Woman Of  The Water

Woman Of The Water


Love for yourself

Love for your fellow man

Love through the eyes of a child

No words are necessary when you have real love



I give you all I have

The smallness of my gift cannot compare with yours

My soul had nowhere to rest until now

Only my heart kept me alive

You saw past my shortcomings

And wanted me


Your friendship helps me understand our world

Your love makes me strong

I am in the lion’s den and I am safe

Your love makes me think I can fly





I come to you with the sound of the sea in my ears.

My clothes fall from my body as you gently undress me.

I can hear the music softly playing in the background.

The demands of your kisses put me beside you.

Our bodies move with the motion of the sea.

Becoming a part of you is a most wonderful feeling.

At this moment I am free, with no wants, no cares.

It is perfection, yes perfection.

No, it is Creation!



The day you came into my life

You said happiness was possible

You said just believe

I looked at you and cried

As I look into your eyes today

I see beautiful memories




The Rain


Let us walk in the rain.

If you would rather not,

It will be exciting staying in with you.

Oh, I do like the sound of that.

We can hold each other and watch the rain dance on the window.

I think I will like listening to the rain most of all.

This is so much better than walking in the rain.



You have set my life to music.

It is music to be with you.

Can you hear the music?

Our hearts are beating with the rhythm of the wind.

Can you hear it as we fold into one?

We have become the music.



Your Eyes


I  how know those Eyes

The look only lovers know

Reaching out without touching

Seeing the fire in your soul

Looking deep into your eyes

Your eyes say so much


If it takes forever

I will give you whatever makes you happy

I will give forever to stay with you



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