Happy Birthday Slamdance!!

Slamdance turns 20

Slamdance turns 20

Among beautiful pristine powdered mountains in the heart of Park City, Utah there is an unbelievable Jewel. It is a jewel that was created for and by filmmakers, artists, and storytellers. These would be the trailblazers, the rebels, the ones who would fight against the system to make sure their art form remained pure and reached the masses. Doing so without giving into a system that is often not fair and works against them most of the time. Even through the hardest of times they pressed on with perseverance and determination with a dream to one day create a grassroots film community with a DIY attitude.


20 years later Slamdance has done exactly that launching the careers of some of the most prominent independent filmmakers and storytellers in the industry. Out of rejection came an explosive alchemy and unwavering creative spirit which makes Slamdance  so unique. Slamdance might be little, but it is mighty; mighty in the spirit of its founders, the volunteers, those who have fought in the trenches for it, and those who have believed in the vision of Slamdance from the beginning.


It is filled with an explosive force of change in the vision of it’s filmmakers and storytellers of tomorrow. It is also true that without Slamdance they might not have had a place to let their voices be heard and share their vision. So let us all together say happy  20th birthday  Slamdance, my you continue to be a place to nurture new voices and to discover new stories with the power to change the world.
Slamdance is small and needs help and support. If you  would like to help please go to www.slamdance.com